Ronin Performance – a concept of Creative Minds Entertainment.
Skurup, Sweden – +44 7400 454 292
London Isleworth, UK – +44 7400 454 292

After your order has been placed, processed and payment approved, your product will be delivered by the next shipment. Please order your items one month prior to shipping date. We ship at the end of every month.Please do not hold Ronin Performance responsible for loading or off loading of the shipping vessels, which the duration may change from time to time.
Regrettably the only information we have is what we attain from the shipping company.If you need fast and precise delivery air cargo is the better way always and has better tracking. If you want a quicker delivery you could make necessary arrangements with us, please call us on whats App Call +44 740-045 4292 or +1 868 7042531


Ronin Performance will send an order confirmation after you place your orders in the web shop and you pay through PayPal or bank deposit within 5 working days . Orders at the Ronin Performance web shop are automatically cancelled if not paid for within 5 working days, 10% of final cost of the cancelled item will be the fee for sourcing. All products both new/used are sourced from UK, Poland, Germany and Sweden.
Necessary documents including item order shipping tracking numbers will be provided from Ronin Performance, to collect items at designated ports after settling of outstanding balances on orders. If balance is not settled before shipping date the item then has to be stored at a facility that has various storage costs which offsets the cost of the item.

On date of receiving provided goods from Ronin Performance customers will have up to 90 days warranty on:
30 days warranty on engines.
14 days warranty on new electronic parts.
7 days warranty for used electronic parts.

once installed by a recognized facility at the recommendation of Ronin Performance. There is no guarantee on items used for automotive sports or modified vehicles no warranty on items sourced by customers. Customers are guaranteed full money back within 30 days if for some plausible reason both parties agree to a full refund /part refund. Customers could make necessary arrangements via email if they desire to have items delivered to a desired location.

You can now retrieve your orders at 2Dmax Auto once your items are shipped and cleared. When your items are at 2Dmax Auto you will receive a message from Ronin Performance! You have 5 working days to collect your item or storage fees will be charged accordingly!

2Dmax Auto is located at the corner chase village main rd and carlson field 2.
Open Monday to Friday – 7 am to 7 pm

Process on your vehicle procurement/sourcing as you may know, both price and attainability may fluctuate due to the influx of many customers buying and selling products at different times, don’t expect costs and access to certain products to stay the same over a period of time! Sourcing fees are 10% of final item cost and will not be refundable!
If you fail to pay the balance before shipment leaves country of origin to destination country, funds are none refundable!



Purchases made on Ronin Performance can be returned to items origin (Europe) with an original receipt within 30 days of purchase. Purchases returned within this time frame will be refunded in the original form of payment. Once a refund is issued, your banking institution may take up to 10 business days for this to be applied to your account.

See below for more terms for returning your Ronin Performance purchase:

Purchases made on Ronin Performance can be returned via Mail

Purchases made at Ronin Performance can only be returned to Country of Origin.

You must have an original receipt or packing slip to complete your return.

The item(s) must be unused, and in its original condition with tags attached.

Ronin Performance will not take responsibility for return shipping or reshipping of an orderd.

The onus is on the customer to follow up and verify products with their certified technicians before it is ready to ship via pictures, part- numbers and videos or any other media customer choose.

There will be no full refunds after product has reached destination, situation will be dealt with accordingly.

Web Page Instructions
1. Click on web page
2. Click shop.
3. Click on items picture.
4. Click buy on the products that you want.
5. Click your cart.
6. Click go to checkout, fill out the information.
7. Click continue.
8. Click select payment.
9. Click complete order.
10. Click save order as PDF, there’s option to print.

When your order is complete you then have 5 working days to make payments.

Payment options!
Bank deposit to Scotia Bank Couva, Creative Minds Entertainment
ACC# savings 30395-4016291

Pay with credit-card online!

Pay with PayPal (please include your Paypal fees with each payment )