4 Alluminium Wheels And Tyres BMW X5 E70 20 Inch Bridgestone Tyres RUNFLAT


Total Price TTD$ 8,684.22
Duty Payable TTD$ 2,605.27
Vat Payable TTD$ 1,411.19
GRAND TOTAL TTD$ 12,700.68      air freight


4 wheels and Tyres :2×275/40/20 and 2×315/35/20 ! Tyres Bridgestone RUNFLAT 4mm gap,the Tyres was on my X5 E70 2007,I buyet from new price list 1200 pounds(only Tyres ) and wheels ar original Bmw .ballans ok ready to use.2 whells ar little bit scratch and Tyres used 65 %

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Weight 50 kg