Membrane for the ventilation valve of the crankcase gases BMW N13


Total Price TTD$ 552.91
Duty Payable TTD$ 165.87
Vat Payable TTD$ 89.85


Membrane KVKG valve cover BMW with motors N13 (the original number of valve covers BMW 11 12 7 646 553, 11 12 7 601 863). This motor was installed on BMW in the bodies of 1 series F20, F21 and 3 series F30, F31. Motors with volume 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0.
The manufacturer proposes to replace only the valve cover in the selection, inside which the KVKG valve is installed, the cost of the lid is approximately 18 thousand rubles. And only one element is out of order – the membrane of KVKG N13. We manufacture and sell these membranes separately. They are made of a material resistant to aggressive media.
Replacing the membrane on the engine N13 BMW takes 5 minutes. It is necessary to remove the cap of the membrane KVKG N13, it fastens on the latches, remove the old torn membrane with a spring, rinse the seat and install a new membrane with an old spring, snap the diaphragm cover. After replacing the membrane for some time, the motor may not work correctly – the air mixture will be adapted (the motor has already adapted to work on a lean mixture).
Symptoms of the torn membrane of BMW N13 – whistle from the engine to idle, increased oil consumption, engine smoke, unavoidable idling, the oil filler opens with difficulty (strong vacuum in the motor), mistakes in poor mix.
The kit includes: 1 membrane


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