Fuel Injector Seal Remover Fitting Install Tool for BMW N55 N63 S55 S63 B38 B48


Total Price TTD$ 1,349.47
Duty Payable TTD$ 404.84
Vat Payable TTD$ 219.29


  • Set of fitting aids to enable the operator to correctly fit the Teflon seal (or ring) onto a BMW fuel injector prior to refitting the fuel injector to the cylinder head.Fuel injector seal installer/remover set BMW
  • Applications N13,N14,N18,N20,N26,N43,N55,N63,N74,S55,S63,B38,B48
  • The Teflon seal material is designed to expand once installed into the injector bore to enable an effective seal
  • The set brings together the two OEM fitting aid sets 13 0 190 and 13 0 280
  • Two different methods of shrinking the Teflon seal, depending on the engine code reference and the type of injector fitted.


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Weight 3 kg